February 2013 Death in the Digital Age  Ken Brier and Julia Rossetti co-published this article featured in the February 11, 2013 Private Wealth Online newsletter.  Among other things, the articles describes the mushrooming difficulties for estate administration presented by increased reliance on personal and financial information housed solely on the internet, as well as practical advice for giving trusted individuals access to online information when and if the worst happens. [Click here to read]

January 2013 Donor's Remorse - Reversing 2012 Gifts  A client alert addressing the impact on 2012 gifts after the passing of the Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012.   [Click here to read]

June 2012 Making Hay Before the Sun Sets - 2012 Lifetime Gifting Opportunities An alert discussing the unprecedented federal estate and gift tax saving opportunities for the year 2012.   [Click here to read]

December 2010 End of Year 2010 Planning Alert Time sensitive alert highlighting tax planning opportunities for year 2010.  [Click here to read]

September 2010 GRAT Expectations - All Time Opportunity to Exploit Tax Saving Strategy Alert discussing a historic opportunity to take advantage of well-established tax savings strategy due to change in Federal rates.  [Click here to read]